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Lathe 250ITVM 01
  • Lathe 250ITVM 01

Lathe 250ITVM 01

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Country of manufacture:Russia

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Lathe 250ITVM 01

Wide range of numbers of turns and giving provides productive processing at high quality of a surface.

Preselective management of speeds of a spindle of the machine 250ITVM.01 allows to prepare the subsequent inclusion in operating time of the machine and to quickly carry out it at the right time. Mnemonic management of giving is provided with one handle which direction of inclusion coincides with the direction of the chosen movement of a support with a reztsovy head. Bezzazorny fixing of a reztsovy head provides high rigidity and accuracy of installation. The running screw is greased automatically when cutting a carving. The design of shpindelny knot allows to replace quickly driving belts without dismantling of knot. The bed of machines 250ITVM.01, 250ITVMF1, 250ITVM.03 is made of chromonickel cast iron, guides are tempered by currents of high frequency and ground.

The stop mechanism located in an apron protects mechanisms of giving from overloads, and also allows to work on a rigid emphasis when turning.

The drive of the main movement of the machine 250ITVM.01 is carried out from the electric motor through twelve high-speed reducer, maple and poliklinovy belts. At turn of a flywheel in two selector disks a certain combination of openings under the fixing fingers of the levers switching blocks of gear wheels is created.

After that procrastination of the handle on itself at first carries out snubbing of the rotating gear wheels, and then their switching.

In the forward grandma the reception pulley, a spindle, search 1:8, a link of increase in a step of a carving are placed.

The machine of model 250ITVMF1 is equipped with system of digital indication of UTsI.


The turning screw cutter 250ITVM.01 is intended for performance of various turning works in the centers, draw-in or cam attachments, and also for cutting of metric, modular, inch carvings.

  • The machine 250ITVMF1 is in addition equipped with system of digital indication.
  • The machine 250ITVM.03 differs from basic model in the increased intercenter distance.
  • The machine 250ITPM unlike basic model is intended for performance of less exact works.

Equipment of the machine 250ITVM.01 UTsI allows:

  • to carry out indication of the sizes in mm or in inches with discretization from 0,1 to 100 microns -
  • to carry out linear compensation of errors of mechanical elements of the machine, for example, wear of guides -
  • to enter compensation of wear of the tool.

For exact counting of cross movements the mechanism vernier allowing to carry out movements of 0,005 mm / about is provided. The box of giving provides the wide range of sizes of the cut carving, longitudinal and cross giving.

For cutting of an exact carving direct connection of the running screw with a guitar is provided, passing the mechanism of a box of giving.

The apron of the closed type provides longitudinal and cross giving of a support manually and mechanically from the running roller, and also cutting of a carving by means of the running screw. Control of giving is exercised of one handle.

The direction of turning on of the handle coincides with the direction of movement of a support. Existence of the blocking device excludes a possibility of simultaneous turning on of the running screw and running roller, and also longitudinal and cross giving.

On the machine the electric motors and the equipment calculated on voltage of 380 V of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz, tension of local lighting of 36 Century are installed.

Connection of the machine to the power supply network is carried out by the package switch.

Table of technical characteristics:

Characteristic Value
The maximum length of the processed product, mm 500
The maximum diameter of the processed preparation, mm: -
over a bed - 240
over a support 168
The maximum diameter of the bar processed in the boss, mm 24
Maximum section of a cutter, mm 16х16
The end of a spindle in accordance with GOST 12593-93 - 4
Size of an internal cone of a spindle Morse 4
Size of an internal cone pintles of the back grandma Morse 3
Movement pintles, mm 85
Frequency of rotation of a spindle, mines-1 25-2500
Longitudinal giving, mm / about 0,001-1,8
Cross giving, mm / about 0,005-0,9
Step of the cut carving - 0,2-48 -
metric, mm - 0,2-12 -
modular, modules - 24-0,5
inch, threads on 1 '-
Power of the drive of the main movement, kW 3
Accuracy class in accordance with GOST 8-82 In
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 23.11.2018
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