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Machine turning and screw-cutting 16K40-3
  • Machine turning and screw-cutting 16K40-3

Machine turning and screw-cutting 16K40-3

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Country of manufacture:Russia

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Machine turning and screw-cutting 16K40-3

Tokarno the screw cutter 16K40 is intended for performance of various turning works, including turning of cones and cutting of carvings: metric, inch, modular, pitchevy.

High power of the drive and rigidity of the lathe, wide range of frequency of rotation of a spindle and giving allow to use completely possibilities of progressive tools when processing various materials.


  • rigidity, vibrostability and temperature stability of a design allow to receive the necessary accuracy of processing -
  • 2kh prismatic guides of a bed in combination with high reliability of other knots provide the long term of operation of the machine with preservation of initial accuracy -
  • frequency of the return rotation of a spindle is 1,3 times higher than direct that reduces time of processing of carvings -
  • turning of long cones is made by simultaneous performance of longitudinal giving of a support and giving of a reztsovy sled at their corresponding turn -
  • the box of giving has high rigidity of a kinematic chain -
  • all power cogwheels of a kinematic chain are made of the alloyed steel, tempered and ground -
  • protections of a zone of cutting and the boss, electric and mechanical blocking guarantee safe work on the machine.

Table of technical characteristics:

Characteristic Value
The largest diameter of the established preparation, mm
— over a bed 800
— over a support 490
— over dredging in - a bed 1070 *
The largest diameter of the processed preparation, mm
The greatest length of the processed preparation, mm 750-1500-2000-3000-4000-5000-8000-10000
Dredging length in - a bed from an end face of a flange of a spindle, mm 450 *
The largest weight of the established preparation, - kg 3500
Height of the cutter established in - to a reztsederzhatela, mm 40
The size of the end of a spindle of the forward grandma on DIN 11M
Internal cone in - a spindle of the grandma shpindelny (metric) 115
Quantity of steps of frequencies of rotation of a spindle 22
Diameter of a cylindrical opening in - a spindle, mm 105
Limits of frequencies of rotation of a spindle,-об / mines 10 — 1250
Limits of working giving, mm / about
— longitudinal 0,033 — 5,6
— cross 0,013 — 2,064
— reztsovy sled 0,013 — 2,064
Limits of steps of the cut carvings
— metric, mm 1 — 224
— inch, threads/inch 28 — 0,25
— modular, module 0,25 — 56
— pitchevy, pitch to dia. 112 — 0,5
The accelerated movement of a support, mm/min.
— longitudinal 5200
— cross 2000
The greatest effort of cutting, kN 20
The greatest torque on a spindle, knm 3
Power of the main drive, kW 18,5
Overall dimensions (together with - electric equipment), mm
— length 3000-3740-4230-5240-6240-7240-10300-12420
— width 1860
— height 1625
Weight - - - kg - 4450-5200-5400-6200-7400-9350-11900-13300 -
* — for lathes with - GAPOM.
Country of manufacture:Russia
Type of machine:Screw-cutting lathe
Information is up-to-date: 11.12.2018
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